Merve sarı

ML Engineer

2018 - Present


Developing ML-DL models aiming to
solve anticipation problems of business
units in the bank. Carrying Predictive
analyses to the Prescriptive stage by
connecting outcomes of predictive models to an optimization framework.

About Me

My B.Sc. is from Computer Engineering(Full Merit Scholarship) of Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey, with a huge eager and passion on Computer Science.  Artificial General Intelligence and Information Security make me excited as well. I’m currently working as a Machine Learning Engineer at TEB(Turkish Economy Bank). I love learning more and more and teaching as well, so do my best on a relatively new and interesting area.


Statistics & Probability
CS Fundamentals & Programming
Data Modeling and Evaluation
Applying ML Algos & Libs
Software Engineering & System Design
Be a Lifelong Learner


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